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Position Announcement: Full-time Programme Manager
Position Announcement: Full-time Programme Manager
CommDe is currently seeking a full-time Programmer Manager. He/she will oversee all the supporting activities of the programme. His/her immediate task is to implement the policies of the Programme Director in four main areas: programme administration; management of teaching staff; management of students; and public relations. He/she will collaborate with CommDe's existing support staff and is answerable to the CommDe's Programme Director.

Candidates should hold a graduate degree and have a clear understanding of tertiary education in art and design.

CommDe believes that Communication Design is profoundly significant in the contemporary world. Our curriculum nurtures the integration of creativity and intellectual inquiry with practical skills and our students eventually play vital roles within international design communities.

For further information or to discuss the post, please contact CommDe Programme Director Assistant Professor Dr. Takerng Pattanopas: info@commde.com