What is CommDe?
CommDe is a Bangkok-based international Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts programme in communication design, established at Chulalongkorn University since 2009.
The programme focuses on the myriad fields of communication, from design to publishing passing through the new media communication, graphic design, illustration, moving images, time-based design, internet-based design, digital design, and many other media that will emerge in the future.
What we teach?
Creative Process
We teach communication design through the creative and systematic process. Focusing on two ways of thinking: Divergent Thinking, generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions and Convergent Thinking in the sense of merging, deepening and coming up with the single, well-established answer to a problem.
Practical Skills
We hone to the development of practical skills via lecturers, workshops, demonstrations and one-on-one tutorials. More on the practical ways, students could apply their learning to real-life situations. Classes also allow students to discover the importance of self-direction and personal responsibility for outcomes.
Research Experiment
An awareness of new conceptualizations and technology underlines all. We don't limit education to the campus environment as all students are required to do field research and experiment with accountability for their design practices.
Expand Vision
CommDe allows students to fully expand their personal vision and all-around knowledge through field trips locally and overseas. We also operate exchange programmes with many universities.
Life in CommDe
Critically and creatively explores design for communication.
Some may believe that art and design are easy subjects! On the contrary, these disciplines are very tough to master and therefore require much hard effort because there is never only one answer to a design problem. But you will have fun while you are brought beyond your expectations! CommDe is, in essence, a laboratory for creative thinking and exploring solutions to managing aspects of the tangible world.
Our environment shares spaces and equipment with the Department of Industrial Design, including a wood shop and metal fabrication shop. We also share technicians that will expertly guide your safe use of all devices. Student s are required to supply their own laptop and other art supplies for studying and working.
After CommDe
In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, the media increasingly plays an enormous role in everyday life and therein lies the reason that careers associated with creativity and problem-solving are good choices for your futures. What you learn here will guide you for important decisions and ways of expressing your passion and expertise for design after graduation.